Problem with ODK-Voice skipping to the end of a form

I've hired a programmer to work on updating the javarosa library in
ODK-Voice and he's managed to get the the program working. However, we're
seeing that it skips through the entire body of the form and goes straight
to the end prompt which is after the body.

Here's the bit of code which I think is the culprit

    fc.stepToNextEvent(false); // added by Citigo
    fc.stepToNextEvent(false); // added by Citigo
    if (fc.currentPromptIsQuestion()) { //

fc.getModel().getForm().getChild(fc.getFormIndex()) instanceof QuestionDef)
{"QuestionPrompt: " +fc.getQuestionPrompt() +" Index: "
+fc.getModel().getFormIndex() +" datatype: "
// renderPrompt( (FormEntryPromptAttribute)
fc.getQuestionPrompt()); // commented by Citigo
else {"current prompt event is " +fc.getModel().getEvent());

However, if we remove the fc.stepToNextEvent(false) lines ODK-Voice stops

Has there been a change in the formatting of the XMLs that is making
ODK-Voice not recognize the previous questions as valid questions? This
happens with all of the xforms that I've tried. I'm attaching an example of
an xform that I use.



7-PruebaIgnorar.xml (24.8 KB)