Problem with XLS form converter

Dear colleagues!
when I convert my xlsform to xml, it give me attached message

CBSform.xlsx (10.0 KB)
and beside, any one who has experience with XLS form, please check attached form.
this is my first form in excel, I want to know what is wrong there, and please only highlight the mistake and guide me how to fix it.
thanks so much for devoting me your precious time.

Reinstall Java on your laptop or desktop. DOwnload converting software from here
and then convert your form.

Re-installing Java won't help because this error message comes from the XLSForm website at and not a local computer.

I just tried form on that same site and it worked fine for me, so it might be a temporary glitch.

If you don't want to rely on the website, you can also try the other XLSForm converters listed at Of those other converters, I (obviously) prefer the converter I made at


Thank you dear, but it cant be installed, I downloaded its many versions, but I can not install it, I don't know what it the problem, there is not any specific setup to install.

thank you for your guidance Mr.Yanakwa, I tried both links, the slast one (xlsform-offiline) could not be downloaded and it give me message (Sorry, this item is not available on your location), in fact, I want to find an offline converter, second,
today I could covert my form with XLSForm, but now when I press download, it does not work.
looking forward for your help

I've sent you direct links to the installer. If others have download problems, please just let me know!

@Mansour I also was able to successfully convert your form at Can you please confirm that this is the link you are using for the conversion? If not, what are you using?

Problem with XLSform online download suggests you were able to convert it eventually, right?

Yes dear Martin, thank you, i also could convert it, i changed my browser,
now it is working well.
thanks for your attention

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