Publishing limits for Google Fusion Tables and Google Spreadsheets

Hi everyone,

Be advised that there is a per-Gmail-account combined 25-active-publisher
into both Google Fusion Tables and Google Spreadsheets.

This applies across all servers (e.g., appspot instances) and any other
applications you have that might also publish into Google Fusion Tables or
Google Spreadsheets. So adding a 26th publisher on may
cause a publisher on to fail (the oldest publisher seems
to be rejected).

As a work-around, you will need to create multiple Gmail accounts and limit
each to fewer than 25 publishers. Note that you can add and grant Google
accounts to your ODK Aggregate site via the Site Admin / Permissions page.
Once you grant them Form Management permissions or higher, when you are
logged in as with that Gmail account, you can set up publishers using that
account's identity (as shown on the bottom of Google's Allow / Decline page.

ยทยทยท -- Mitch Sundt Software Engineer University of Washington