Pulldata return only one record

how do I pull out a list of names from a CSV file with the name id.
example. My CSV has the following headers id, room_barcode,room_number and room name
id, room_barcode,room_number and room name
1, BC111,RM1,Davide
2, BC112,RM2,Sara
_ 1, BC111,RM1,John

I want my output to be like
BarCode: BC111
RoomNumber: RM1
RoomName: Davide
RoomName2: John
currently my pulldata code only brings out one RoomName

Please help

Hi Senyo

Seems to me that your pull_data code is executing properly but you are just missing the party for running the code until the last record is reached.

Try placing a loop at the beginning of the function that pulls data as long as there is a new row with records.
eg. While row=true {output this}

Hope that helps.


Sorry but i don't understand your example.

This is the code for my pulldata
pulldata('data', 'roomusername', 'grp_room_roombc',${roombc})

Do you mean i should add true{pulldata('data', 'roomusername', 'grp_room_roombc',${roombc}) } or what???