Pulldata with linebreaks

I am using pulldata to select data from a CSV file.

I'd like one column in the file to contain linebreaks. I have created the file having the linebreaks exchanged with a '|' (pipe char.), e.g. ...,column,street nbr|zip town, column,....

To show the pulled data, I use the calculation:

translate( pulldata('customers_devices', 'customer_postal_address', 'customer_key', ${customer} ), '|', '<br>' )

In a following note field, the calculation diaplays < instead of a linebreak.

When I use:

translate( pulldata('customers_devices', 'customer_postal_address', 'customer_key', ${customer} ), '|', '\n' )

it displays ...\....

What can I do the display the right linebreak/newline?

Thanks in advance.

Joachim Werner