Pulling completed forms from ODK to laptop using the command line

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1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I am trying to writing a bash script to pull the data collected using ODK Collect from my Android device to my laptop (Mac) using the command line.

To do so I am doing the following:

  1. I am plugging in my Android phone to my laptop where adb studio is installed. Then Use the adb pull command to transfer the forms to a designated folder in my laptop using the following code ($ adb pull /instances). The forms are pulled fine and are present in the designated folder.

  2. I then use the following command to pull forms from collect
    (code: $ java -jar {path/to/briefcase-jar-file} --pull_collect --storage_directory {path/to/briefcase-storage-location} --odk_directory {path/to/unzipped-odk-file})

  3. And I then convert forms in csv format using the following command
    (code: $ java -jar {path/to/briefcase-jar-file} --export --form_id {form-id} --storage_directory {path/to/briefcase-storage-location} --export_directory {path/to/output-directory} --export_filename {output-file-name.csv})

This script does not give me any error in the terminal, however, the directory after step 2 is empty. This I believe means that the pulling from ODK collect does not work properly.

Has this happened to anyone? If yes, how did you solve it?

Thank yo very much for your help