Pushing form with media to Aggregate: request entity too large

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We're trying to push a form to aggregate, but we are constantly running into the error that the request entity is too large. This is because of some media file we have attached to the form (30MB in total, this is for an ACASI survey). Is there a way around this to get the form and its associated media into Aggregate? Alternatively, can we simply push the form to Aggregate, and install the media folder manually on each machine?
We can't reduce the size of the media any further, without deteriorating the quality of the survey. We're using the google app engine on aggregate.

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This is the Reference Guide for the issue you are experiencing. However, not sure about any way around.


Please be sure to fill out the entire support template when filing a support request! Without the information there, we generally can't help.

  • What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version? Please be as specific as you can here. Is the problem recent or has it been happening for some time? Are you using the same device or a range of devices?
  • What steps can we take to reproduce the problem? Is it systematic or intermittent? Do you have a form you can share?
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Thanks a lot for the reference; pushing the files in several uploads worked did the trick.