Putting condition on any selected option except one


I am trying to execute following logic:

Select Multiple Question: Check danger signs from following options:

- Chest_indrawing
- Yellow_soles
- Convulsion
- No_movement

I need to trigger an additional section is any of the above is selected EXCEPT 'No_movement'. I tried to do this, but compiler is not happy:

!contains(${assessment_for_general_signs_and_symptoms}, 'No_movement')

Can someone guide whats the correct syntax for 'not contains'?

I think selected-at() works better.

Can you kindly write a small example code about how to use it?

Hi @Saad

Here are my thoughts, option one could be limiting the selection of No movement with any other option at the multiple select question, then for the following section that is dependent of the selection use not(selected(${multiple_select_question},"No_movement") on the relevant column,

You can also use this selected(${multiple_select_question},"Chest_indrawing") or selected(${multiple_select_question},"Yellow_soles") or selected(${multiple_select_question},"Convulsion"