Putting multi-language support in select_one_external


I am trying to put multi-language support (label column in 2 different languages) for select_one_external in the 'external choices' sheet in xlsform. However, it is not working. Please help if someone can guide in this context.

Saad Omer

Hello @Saad,

Could be easy to understand the situation with your form and sample external data...

The column names in external file usually determines your language... e.g: if you are to retrieve province from an external file with languages EN and ES for english and Spanish, you could name the columns as Province_EN and Province_ES in addition to the code column that you can call p_code...so in your choices sheet

name= p_code
label_EN = Province_EN
label_ES = Province_ES
'Everything in ODK is case sensitive...:face_with_monocle:`

That's what I would do, rest to be tested in your form