QGIS ETL Connector for ODK

Hello everyone, general query, from the ETL Connector for ODK plugins is it possible to connect and download data in ODK Central? on the ETL page it shows that the data must be in JSON format but I understand that the ODK Central data is published in SVC, in this sense is it possible to adjust some parameter within ODK to facilitate the connection?

I'm assuming you are referring to the QGIS ETL Connector for ODK? That connector is not maintained by the ODK team, but instead by @Derrick_Demeveng. I'm tagging him so he can help!

Maybe are you misunderstanding the .svc end of the ODATA service url and the csv file extension ?

I understand, I hope @Derrick_Demeveng will help us

I don't understand well, but this appears on the official page

The link provided in the Central UI ends in .svc because that's the OData service document that systems like Excel and PowerBI use to discover information about your form. The service document is like a table of contents: it describes where the base form data is (always a table called Submissions) and any repeats that might exist (those are separate tables with names like Submissions.<name of repeat>). Each table has a metadata document which describes the types of each field. It also has a JSON document which provides just the data.

If you need just the data, you can add /Submissions or /Submissions.<name of repeat> at the end of the address given to you by Central. For example, if my service URL is https://test.getodk.cloud/v1/projects/777/forms/my_form.svc and my form has a repeat called my_repeat, I can get two JSON documents:

  • https://test.getodk.cloud/v1/projects/777/forms/my_form.svc/Submissions
  • https://test.getodk.cloud/v1/projects/777/forms/my_form.svc/Submissions.my_repeat