Question Re: Assigning Interviewers

I am interested in beginning to use ODK, but there is one hurdle that doesn't appear to be addressed in any support documentation that I've found yet. Before I start tinkering around on my own in the next few weeks, I wanted to make a post in case this has already been addressed by someone else.

For the project I am interested in implementing ODK for, I would need to pre-load cases and assign them to specific interviewers. Ideally I would like to have a security role that has the ability to assign and re-assign cases to different interviewers (and have a relatively easy way to see how many records each interviewer has been assigned and -potentially on a different screen- see how many and which interviewers a record has been assigned to).

I would also like for both supervisors and interviewers to pull up a map of their assigned cases and open up a case from the map (however this is secondary to the issue I pointed out above).

Is this possible within base ODK or through using a third-party program?

HI @ajackson, you are on right platform,

we have ability to do all above things which has been asked by you.

  • ODK Server you can make an admin account which can export, edit data in CSV file.
  • Supervisor with the help of an android app can assign interviews.
  • Data Collector can be collect data on their android phone.

All things can be done with the help of ODK. If you need any help you can ask more things with me.