Quick search appearance does not move to next question, but to next page?


The doc page https://docs.getodk.org/form-question-types/?highlight=quick#select-widget-with-autoadvance says combining a search with quick advances the form immediately to the next question once a selection is made.

I tried "quick search (…)", but my form does not advance to a next question, but jumps over all next questions on the same page, to the first question on the next page.

How can I make my form jump to the next question on the same page?

:roll_eyes: I suddenly realize this is a stupid question.
Just ignore it.

I'm thinking you've probably realized that it would be very confusing for a user to have questions below an autoadvancing one. However, I think we can still be more precise in the documentation to avoid confusion!

Hi LN,
Yes, I got confused by the manual saying "it moves to a next question", instead of "it moves to the first question on the next page". And just when clicking "reply" - I realized that a form always moves to a next question (on whatever page) after answering one.

I feel so stupid, but i blame it on the heat here in Belgium - the kind of temperatures a temperate European is not used of :wink:

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