Receive survey data in separate excel sheet grouped by "name"

I've a single form named "School Survey" and I'm preparing to survey at multiple schools.(Eg. School_A, School_B, School_C ,etc). My problem is when I send my finalized form to server I want my excel data to be grouped according to name of school instead of bulk of data of various school on same excel file. How can I achieve this ?

P.S I don't want to create a separate form for different schools.

Use case:

  • Survey data of various schools
  • Receive data on excel grouped by name of school (School_A, School_B,etc)

Hi @Alson_Prasai

Can't you just add for example first question - school name and then group records after uploading in Google Sheets by that value?

Thanks for reply but I was wondering if there was any procedure or hacks to follow without using any queries.

No there is no other way.

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