Records limitation

Dear friend, greetings after a long time,
still we are using ODK aggregate for small projects, and now i am in phase to use it for large number of records. we will have approximately 20,000 records at the end of the survey, i searched more, i could not find satisfactory answer for my question so, the question is about the limitation of records number on aggregate
is there any limit in aggregate about numbers of submissions or we can submit unlimited records to ODK aggregate?
please share your experience or a source if available to ensure myself.
thanks in advance.

I believe the documentation on planning an Aggregate deployment should help answer that question!

In particular, the default machine size on AppEngine only does well with about 7000 submissions. Beyond that you will need to use a larger machine.

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thank you Dear @LN, it was very helpful, i found that we should not use app engine for more then 7000 submissions, and if it is used, export will stop working. it is all
and, do you know about kobotoolbox submissions limitation?

To be precise, you can use AppEngine for more than 7000 submissions but if you want to do an export from the web site you will need to pay for a bigger machine. I think you may still be able to do Briefcase exports from the default machine size with more submissions but I'm not sure. Can anyone else offer insight into that?

No idea about Kobo, you'll have to contact that team for information!

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In my experience, Aggregate has been able to handle the high tens of thousands of submissions with no problems. I always have billing turned on and it's always a good idea to use Briefcase to download the data and export it there.