Recovering submitted data from tables

Can I restore submitted data from the tablets?

Yes you can, For this you need to see folder named in ODK in your internal memory there you will find a folder named "instance". There you will find out all forms which has been submitted on the server from that tablet.


Thank you for this! thanks sooo much!

Just one more thing please...
Is is possible to downgrade the version of the form without loosing data?

thank you

Sure If you thought of downgrading your form which means you want to delete some questions from your ODK form then generate a new xml and upload the new form on the Server. Remember to download old data from server.
After Data Collection when you are doing data cleaning you need to be careful because here you need to merge 2 dataset one which is old dataset and second which is final dataset.


@Eliezer What exactly do you mean by downgrading the version of the form?

Hello Yaw,

Sorry for my delay in response and thank you for your support.

This is what happened.

I Upgraded the version of forms for my interviewers. I told them to maintain the older versions so that they would be able to edit previous data but most of them deleted the older versions. now the are unable to complete the saved forms for submission. So I wanted to revert to the previous version but the odk aggregate system is saying the what i have already is numerically higher and doesn't allow me to 'down grade'.

Because of this I have told them to hold on so I later extract that data individually from the tablets after the survey. But if there is a way out of this, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for clarifying. I think you've figured out the best option. Keep the data on the tablets until the end of the campaign and pull it out with ODK Briefcase.