Registration and tracking form

Hello everyone,
I am encountering issues with the attached ODK script I am working on. It involves two forms: the first form collects data on missed children during a campaign, and the second form pulls the submitted data from the first form, allowing updates if any of the children were later vaccinated.

The specific issues are:

  1. The first form does not display the LGA and ward cascade correctly.

  2. The second form needs to be configured to enable multiple updates, especially when multiple visits to the household are required before all cases are resolved. For instance, if a household was recorded with 3 missed children using the first form, and on a subsequent visit, only 2 children were vaccinated, with the last child being vaccinated after a third visit, how can I program the form to handle such scenarios?
    Could you please assist in resolving these issues?
    Missed_test2.xlsx (158.0 KB)
    tracking_test2.xlsx (357.2 KB)


Can you please describe what behavior you experience? Please note that select_one_external does not work with Enketo web forms. The generally-recommended way to attach external data is select_one_from_file. This will work the same between the Collect Android app and Enketo web forms. If you have 60k+ items or are using older devices, you can use select_one_external but in Collect only.

Can you please describe what you've tried in the current form design and how that differs from what you'd like to be able to do?