Reimagining the Aggregate user interface

How is the design .. what all modifications we can do .. to improve design.

Hi @kanika! I think it would be helpful to get a little bit more background and context on what you're proposing. We had some conversations in the Slack and I believe that you are starting to think a little bit about how the Aggregate user interface could be made more user friendly.

It might be worth starting at a very high level -- what is the key functionality that users need to interact with? What works really well currently? What is confusing or not as effective as it could be?

I like that you've started with a low-fidelity prototype. I think even quick paper sketches might be enough to get a sense of different UX options.

I've renamed this topic, I hope that is ok. Feel free to edit it again if you can think of a way to better describe what you want the discussion to be about.

On a meta level, it's not clear to me that "Development" is the best category for this. It also doesn't fit all that well in "Features". Maybe we need a different category for this kind of conversation? @yanokwa?

I think Features is a good place to put this, so I've moved it.

I just created a post summarizing existing Aggregate functionality, which might be helpful for the UI redesign:

ODK Central is now the actively-developed server and has a fully re-designed user interface. Read more in the documentation. Aggregate is only getting bug fixes at this time.