Related questions wont appear

can you help me please.

in odk collect the related questions won't appear immediately.

for example:
in select multiple question when I chose ' other' I want to show question 'if other please specify ',
but 'if other please specify ' wont appear until I swipe to the next page and then back to the page that contain [select_multiple].

There is any way to avoid this ?

Hi @Raneem_Al_Sawas

as I understand both questions are on one page? If so it's a known issue we will try to solve it.

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Yes they are on the same page. I will check the link

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Raneem_Al_Sawas

Just an advice, restructure your questionnaire, and put those question in different screens rather than data collectors having to swipe back and forth to get the question. It is a known issue in odk, and yet to be fixed.