Relevant for Multi Choices with repeat and calculation elements

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
How can i hide an element question when it is not chosen but the question is dependent on the number of family members given.

If use ${number_family_members}>=1, the element appears even if it is not chose. If i used ${family_member_educationneeds} = ‘Enrolment to TESDA/VocTech’ or selected(${family_member_educationneeds}, 'Enrolment to ALS/Elem/HS/SHS'), the elements do not show even they were chosen.

I have these element questions:

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?


Hi @Arvendc

I would like to help but I don't understand your problem enough. Could you attach a sample form?

selected(${family_member_educationneeds}, 'Enrolment to ALS/Elem/HS/SHS') is the right idea but it looks like 'Enrolment to ALS/Elem/HS/SHS' is the label of the choice. When you use selected, you need to use the name from the choices sheet. Depending on your choice name, it will look something like selected(${family_member_educationneeds}, 'als_elem_hs_shs').

Because you are using a select multiple, using = will only identify the case where only the als/elem/HS/SHS option is selected so do be sure to use selected.

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Hi Helene! Much thanks, it works! :smiley: You are right the I put the label name instead of the choice name.

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Thanks for responding. Its been resolved. :slight_smile: