Relevant question for specific choices

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

I wanted to create an accompanying relevant question as below:

Where do you store yours savings?


Relevant question is:

If from a bank/MFI/cooperative, which one?

If bank/MFI/cooperative is ticked off, relevant question should prompt after. I'm having a problem with another choice though. If I tick off "home", the same relevant question is still prompted. How can I take out the relevant question when the choice is "home"?


Hi @pfamisaran

How did you write the relevant condition? Can you provide it here?

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Hi @pfamisaran,

I think what you're looking for is "not selected" as a relevancy. So, the follow up question should always be asked, except when they choose "home". In this case, the relevancy for your follow-up question would be:


I've attached an example for you:
example_notselected_bank.xlsx (14.2 KB)

Hope that helps!


Thanks for this one Janna. What about you need more than one relevance to a questions. Say for example:

What is your employment status?

If they choose 'employed', 'self-employed', 'retired', they should be prompted to this next question.

Please enter name of organization/business.


Hi @pfamisaran,

You can use "or" or "and" in your formula to match more criteria.

In your example, you could use this formula in your relevant column:
selected(${employment},'employed') or selected(${employment},'selfemployed') or selected(${employment},'retired')

  • this would make your follow-up question show when they chose any of those three answers.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Janna. Working fine now.