Relevant Within Repeat Group

I'm having a problem with a specific Relevant Question within a repeated group.

As you can see there are many dependent questions within this repeat group.
The only one which seems to cause a problem is at line 42/43 - highlighted.

  1. First time through it goes fine and I select Did Person Survive = No (0)
  2. Second time through it goes fine until I get this question and then I always get an error of the ?you might need indexed repeat here type

I'm not really sure why I get it only on this specific relevant question and not any of the other ones in the repeat group.

Thoughts welcomed.
I tried making the relevant for line 43 current()/other_people_survived=0 but that didnt work.

Questionnaire.xlsx (119 KB)

Any thoughts?
I've tried what I think should be the creating a relative path with
but that doesn't work either.
Help much appreciated.

Bonjour Michael,

J'ai le même soucis; je vois que le sujet remonte à longtemps, mais aurais-tu trouvé une solution ?


Simon Tomasi