Relevent: "if the answer of the previous question is above 50

Hello everyone!
I am asking for help for a household survey: I would like to insert a Relevant for question for age:
The first question is : how old are you?
The question with relevant should be a "verification question": is it a child headed household - but should appear only if the answer of the previous question is <18.
I tried to put it like that: selected(${hhh_age},'.<18') but the question doesn't appear in the final questionnaire.
Please, can someone help me to add this relevant but not for "=", but for > or <?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hello Anais,

As far as, I understand your questions. Here is the Sample of XLS file. Hope it works for you.

Dinesh Dongol Sample.xls (26.5 KB)

This should probably be

relevant="${hhh_age} < 18"

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Hi both,
Thank you very much, it is working :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!