Remove elements from a roster

I am doing a panel survey and I have collected in round 1 information about the household members.

For round 2 I am now programming a new form.

In the new form I upload a (string) variable containing all the household members from round 1 (i.e. an array like this: mark, jon, frank,anne). But then I want to ask which members have in the interim died/moved away from the household, and remove such members from the array that I had built in round 1, still preserving the order of members in the initial roster.
Say: jon and anne are dead in the meantime, so I would like to have something like: Round 1 current hh members array(mark, jon, frank,anne)- Round 2 hh members deceased(jon, anne)=round 2 current hh members array(mark,... , frank,...).

Any input on this?