Repeat a group of questions - ODK Collect V1.9.1


My questionnaire is about collecting address points.
Our surveyor will go to a street, check the street name spelling and then capture all building in the streets inserting the house number and GPS location.

As we are not sure how many building will a street have, we are thinking in use 'repeat' option. This repeat option will have two questions:
-[text] House number
-[gps] GPS location

We want this to be repeated as long as there is another building in the street.

I've already read documentation of XLSform as well as ODK. I've already download several samples from internet and ODK official website. I've already saw a lot of information on legacy google groups and I've already tried to do it by ODK BUILD (downloaded it today), do it by XLSForm (excel) (downloaded it today) but none of them have worked.

Mine SO is Windows 7.

I think this is a quite simple questionnaire, but I can not get it to work.

I've also tried to upload it here, but I'm a new user :frowning:

Can you please describe precisely what doesn't work?

In ODK Build, you should be able to build the form you have described in the following way:

  • Add a Group and check the "Looped" checkbox
  • Drag a Text into the Group
  • Drag a Location into the Group just below the Text

Give all of your form elements a name and label.

Hi Hélène,

Thanks for your help.

  • I have a required Choose-one with Yes/No
  • If Yes, it will enable a group
  • This group is required and have a text and a Location to be filled

Unfortunately, it stops at the choose-one. I can select Yes and No, but none of them bring me (or takes me) to the group of question.

I've tried Kobo web-based to do so, it goes smoothly in a browser, but when exported as XML and opened in KoboCollect or ODKCollect, it stops in the Choose-one.

I was so excited about ODK, and I've invested a lot of my time trying to debug this error...I have no clue anymore...

We'd love to help you but it's not clear what you're trying to achieve! Your original question said nothing about a choose-one. Please try to be as precise as possible. How did you try to make the group show up only when yes is selected?

If you don't yet have the reputation to upload a file, you could answer someone else's question to increase your reputation. You could alternately upload what you have so far to Google Drive or some other storage place you can link to.

Hi Hélène,

In this Choose-one, I've created a "Follow-up Question", and if the response is "YES", it is expected to open the group.

I've uploaded the resultant XML to


The following form seems to do what you would like it to:
forum-AddressPoint_survey.xml (4.1 KB)

I made two changes:

  • The relevant should have been on the group rather than on the individual elements in the group
  • The calls on selected had extra parentheses around them. Edit: this is fine

Did you see an example with parentheses around the selected call or did Build generate that? There might be a documentation or software problem there that we should fix.

Hi Hélène,

Unfortunately, your XML doesn't seem to work either on ODKCollect in a smartphone :frowning: I was hoping it works.

It stays in the same way, It doesn't show the group, it stops in the Choose-one YES/NO and doesn't show the group.

The XML that I've uploaded to drive is the output from ODKBuild latest version. It creates the parentheses.

I also saw selected(${xxx}, 'yes').

There's a bug in how the relevance calculations are either generated or interpreted. I have filed an issue at, thanks for identifying that. Edit: this turns out to be fine.

If I answer no to "Is the StreetName correct," I have an opportunity to correct the address. I then see "Is there APTs". If I answer No, I go straight to the end of the form. If I answer Yes, I get an opportunity to add a group through the Add New Group dialog. If I tap add, I can add the info for an APT. If that's not what you're trying to do, please describe the flow through the form that you expect.

Do note that to use the device GPS you will want to use a Location question rather than a Text question.

Hi Hélène,

First issue I found in my life :slight_smile:

Well, this is exactly what I'm trying to do. This is exactly the behavior that I want for my questionnaire.

Regarding GPS, indeed this was a mistake.

Thanks for your support.

Finding and reporting issues is a real contribution and we appreciate it!

I'm currently seeing the behavior I described when I load the form that I attached. If that's not what you're seeing, maybe try deleting the forms from your device and loading it again? Please let us know when you get it working!

Hi Hélène,
I am trying to work out a form simliar to what was done here and the xlm file you uploaded 'forum-AddressPoint_survey.xlm' matches the template that I would like to recreate
Is it possible for you to upload the xls form of the 'forum-AddressPoint_survey.xlm' file here so I can follow the same template?

Dear Helene,

I am trying to create a simple one page form (similar to a table or even an excel sheet) - where facilitators can enter information after each session of an intervention. The information I would like to collect, for now at least, is;

1- Weekly attendance (Yes/No)
2- Home work completed (Yes/No)
3- Phone call made (Yes/No). If "Yes", duration of the call. If "No", reason why call unsuccessful
4- SMS message sent (Yes/No). if "No, reason why.

When the SMS is ticked "No", this could lead to a drop down menu on the same page where you can add a comment (when finished this drop down menu could disappear from view). If the Phone call is ticked "Yes", the drop down box for entering the duration the call comes into view. And if Phone call section is ticked "No", the drop down box appears and a comment regarding reasons why phone call unsuccessful are entered.

I envisage one page with approx. 17 spaces for participant identifiers (i.e. numbers 465838) and across from each participant is several sections which you tick (Yes/No). For example;

Select Session = (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

ID___________Attendance__________Homework___________Phone call____________SMS


88588__________No_________________…..……___ ….

Each week facilitators would complete this form and send it to the ODK server.

Thank you for the support, all information and advice is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes