Repeat count not updating after correcting select_multiple response

Hello folks,

I have a select_multiple question followed by a repeat group response. The repeat group will repeat based on the number of options selected in the select_multiple question. For, example, if three of the options are selected the repeat group will repeat three times.

Now, for example, I select two options and proceed to the repeat question - in this case, the repeat group shows up twice, as programmed. However, if I decide that I should have only selected one option, and then go back and select just one option in the multiple_select field to then proceed, ODK still shows two repeats (based on my previous entry). But, in that case, the repeat group should be repeated once based on the one latest selection.

So far, we have been unable to mitigate this problem - we are forced to close the form and start over.

I am attaching both the xml and xlsform for your reference. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks.test_1.xlsx (17.2 KB)
test_1.xml (4.0 KB)

hi @shahadat.h9n
i have made some changes to your calculation fields in the repeat group section which should work for you on this form
test_1_revised.xlsx (13.3 KB) please let us know if you still have some challenges.

thank you

Hi @Fabla,

Thanks for your hint. But, unfortunately, the form that you have uploaded does not solve our problem.

However, I have updated the relevant field with the condition, ${position_index} <= ${d09_count}. Now, it is working perfectly.

Thanks again.
test_1.xlsx (17.3 KB)