Repeat group based on answers from 2 previous questions

Hello, appreciate any ideas on the following:

I have 2 multiple choice question in the beginning of the survey: Question 1 and Question 2. Later in the survey, I have a set of follow-up questions that need to be asked about every choice in Q1 and Q2. Fist, I want to cycle through answers to Q1 and then move on to cycle through answers to question Q2 in the same repeat group.

I cannot figure out how to program the repeat group to move on to answers in Q2 once it is done cycling through answers in Q1. I am honestly not sure where to begin so I would first like to know if this is possible to do. So far I have summed the number of selected answers to Q1 and Q2 and put that in repeat_count.

I am attaching an exampleexample.xlsx (20.0 KB) for your reference. Question B1 is my "Q1" and C1 is my "Q 2". R4 is the repeat group where I want to cycle through answers from B1 and C1.

Thanks very much!