Repeat group or index repeat validations

Dear Friends,
Need help on below mentioned case :

In the given form variable name “Cat” is a select_one type question in Repeat group. Nobody knows the count of loops will move. It is based on the requirement of investigator to select multiple times the same response in question “Please select the category”.
e. g. Suppose the investigator has moved the loops 6 times where the response
first 3 loops is : 3 (Blood Pressure)
Fourth loop is : 2 (02. Handwashing ) and
Last 2 loop is : 4 (04. Pulse)

It means response in variable “cat” :
1st loop response is : 3
2st loop response is : 3
3rd loop response is : 3
4th loop response is : 2
5th loop response is : 4
6th loop response is : 4

I have to validate all the responses of ”cat” with the variables Q1 , Q2 , Q3, Q4 whether it has been selected in the loops or not. If it has been selected then only response of Q1, Q2, Q3 ,Q4 be “YES” else the error message will appear .

I have attached my xls form for the reference.
Request all to guide me on the same .

Logic Test_mail.xls (78 KB)

Hi @ravird4
please take a look here Counting repeats and answers