Repeat group with Google sheets - how to do it?

Hi @Nurul_Winarni
could you try sending your data to a completely new spreadsheet?

Data_burung (2).xml (15.5 KB)

Data-burung-export.xlsx (24.0 KB)

Here are my xml and xls form.

Hi Grzesiek2010,
I seemed to know the problem. I just added another sheet in the excel file in my drive and it works just fine. So, it seems if you have two groups of data, then there should be two worksheets in the excel. Phew..... But, thanks anyway!!!! I am so happy!!

Could you elaborate? ODK Collect should create new sheets for repeatable groups if they don't exist and it should happen automatically of course. Did you need to do that manually?

Sorry for the late response. My problem was sending the form from ODK collect back to google drive, and be able to read the two sets of data.

Here's my steps:

  1. After creating a folder in google drive and create google sheet, copy the shareable link
  2. Put the link in the form properties-submission url in ODK built
  3. Download the xml form
  4. Upload the xml form in the google drive folder
  5. Open the google sheets, I named one worksheet (for example, data), then add another worksheet

You should just create an empty spreadsheet and copy the link, everything else on ODK Collect (creating a folder for media files and particular sheets).