Repeat group with slight differences in question wording


I have a group of questions that asks farmers about the lands they own (see attached). If a farmer has more than one land, I want the question to be asked in a way where we reference which land we're talking about: e.g. "What is the size of your first lot?" for the first one "What is the size of your second lot?" for the second etc.

Thank you infinitely!

Repeat - land questions.xlsx (10.5 KB)

I think you can use repeat-indexed and slightly moditfy your wording a bit to easily achieve it: e.g "What is the size of your land plot number 1?", "What is the size of your land plot number 2?"


Acá te dejo un posible solución a tu solicitud.

Repeat - land questions.xlsx (12.1 KB)


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Thank you so much @Trung and @bdra2778 !! This helped a lot!