Repeat questions - looping through previously selected values from different questions

Hello all,
I need help with my form, and will best be explained with an example. Say I have select questions like..
Q1. What car do you drive // Nissan
Q2. What type of phone do you use? // Samsung
Q3. Type of laptop // Hp

Then following that is a set of repeating questions that apply to all values selected above. eg

begin repeat
// these set of questions should apply to Nissan, Samsung, Hp. e.g.
      For how long have you used 'Nissan'?
end repeat

My question is how do I get the values (NIssan, hp, samsung) into the repeat loop? What functions/logic can I use?

Thanks in advance

You need a calculation inside the repeat group. Something like if(Position(..)= 1, "car", if(Position(..)= 2, "phone", "laptop")). Then you can refer to it in the question label: For how long have you used ${calculation_name}?

Possibly also worth using the possibility of changing the colour of the word that changes in the question to make it clear with each round what it refers to