Repeat roster info1

Hello Everyone
I have repeat group for hh roster and then in another section I repeat some hh member according to some logic and it's working , after that I have another repeat group also for some hh member according to some logic it 's repeating all hh member , while i want only for member under 5 and pregnant women, any one can support me and tell me where is the problem and not accepting the logic I put in row 20 .

test_0904.xls (47.5 KB)

what do you mean by this? Your logic seems fine but you should wrap all those questions in a group so that you can make it relevant or not using that on condition. Something like this:
test_0904.xls (10 KB)

I mean to repeat all hh member who are under =< 5 and all pregnant women from the roster and to mention name of those people from the roster and ask them specific question, but in my file even if one member above 5 or not pregnant , this group of question appear to me.

in my file I used the same logic you helped me before if you remember but now for this group the repeat is working but it repeat all the member , I hope it's clear
test_0904.xls (47.5 KB)

It's because you didn't wrap all those questions in a group as I said and as I showed in that sample form.
Please try this one: test_0904 (3).xls (10 KB)
Isn't it what you need?