Repeat visit use case: pig farming

Hello , I hope you are very well, we are using the odk for data collection in pig farms and we would like to know if there is already a solution to consult information of a previously registered form, I mean ...

An individual registers for the first time (age, weight, zeal, mother father), perero has several records to carry out later in his productive life, it would be ideal to register his identity and characteristics for the first time through a form and in the following registration events that information made a query and not having to re-register the information that was entered for the first time, that when registering the ID of the individual brought his story and could be registered new events.

I do not know if they already have something like that in the ODK, not on time, but something like consulting records previously made.

We are very attentive.



do you need to consult the descriptive data (collected at first time) on the phone when you collect other info laters during the pig's productive life ?
Or do you just need to collect it and to make some analysis later at the office ?

Hi, Thanks

We need to consult the data issued during the pig's life cycle (with an id) compiled with different forms, it can be on the phone or in the office.

This feature that we are describing in this topic is more like an auto-complete of a field from all instances of that form.

@Controller_Cercafe What you are describing is different because it touches multiple forms. It's a important use-case that we call case management. Can your review the conversation at Enable Case Management/Preloading and see if it'd solve your problem?

What they show in this presentation is exactly what we need

¿Cómo lo implementamos?

It does not yet exist. We are trying to build it now and we need help. Can you help?

Todavía no existe. Estamos tratando de construirlo ahora y necesitamos ayuda. ¿Puede usted ayudar?

If we can help, how do we start?

Read Enable Case Management/Preloading and help us think through the various open questions. Once we have a good specification, then we can start building.

We believe that the specifications of the slide deck are correct

@yanokwa is correct that an eventual case management feature would help with this. However, there are features that can help today.

If your follow-up forms don't need to show data from previous visits on the phone, you can simply have data collectors fill in an ID as the first field on every related form and then do the linking later in Excel or another analysis tool. You can also do something like print out a barcode on a collar and scan it at the beginning of form entry.

If you do need to use prior data as part of new forms and the prior forms will have been submitted to a server, you can use CSV dataset features.

We have thought about the bar code and to start we could use it very well, as for the CSV dataset, we have not managed to implement it, we have followed all the indications and when we arrived at the field of select where we wanted to bring the information and we could not find the file and we generated an error.

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Ok, that sounds good! Let us know the server you're using, the error you're getting and someone can likely help.

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In the first instance, the solution was sought, which had the purpose of being able to consult information that had previously been entered in the database through a form A, in order to achieve the self-completion of the information, which was incomplete in a form B that the user would like to see at the time from form B.

to carry out this process we rely on a forum, then attach the address of it ...where the basic steps mentioned were followed in this direction we find 2 files pull-data.xls and fruits.csv with which they worked during the process

pull-data is the visual part that we can observe in ENKENTO and the fruits is where we can observe the static selection which in turn is attempted in a dynamic way.

It is also worth mentioning that the following modification was made:

The input of the search engine, at the time that it is stored in the database this information will also remain in the csv file to be able to make the query through the input and thus be able to fulfill the need that is had.

The process worked until the moment in which it was uploaded to the virtual machine, once the form was loaded on the mobile phone using the odk collect application we could use the input of a fruit in our case but when we arrived at the space of the select we presented the following error "the csv file was not loaded" where also we presented a code which we do not have the record of this.

Thank you very much, I remain attentive

Did you upload the CSV? Are you using Aggregate? Which version?

if we upload the csv, if I'm using Aggregate, version 1.5.0

Can you clarify what you mean by modification? Have you modified the source code of ODK Collect or ODK Aggregate? Or have you just modified the form XLS/XML/CSV?

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The modification was made in the form XLS / XML / CSV