Repeats are not respecting the jr:count value after a change

What is the problem?
I am conducting a survey on Samsung Galaxy Tablets A(2016). I have repeating question regarding the number of household members. I noticed that it is difficult to update the number of household members once the survey gets to questions about that household member. For example, if the surveyor reports that there are 2 household members they will have questions about household member number 1 followed by questions about household member number 2. However, if there are not actually 2 household members and actually just one, even if the surveyor goes back and enters 1 household member; they will be asked about the second household member.

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
ODK Collect 1.12.1

Hi @dmadut2

the problem you described in on the Javarosa's side

Unfortunately, it works in that way if you change to a lower value, you need to remove those additional groups manually then.


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Thanks. That was helpful.

What you are describing has so far been considered intentional behavior because of the risk of accidental data loss when the count is reduced.

Have you seen the "repeat-groups are not respecting the jr:count setting after a change" section at This suggests a strategy for showing and hiding extra repeats as appropriate.