Repetitive group repeats questions group +1

Hi everyone I have a question begin repeat groups. Our survey include 3 repeat group and these had some problem
for example : 2 household size and we are waiting 2 repeat groups for level of English but it opened 3 groups. But this problem happened only on Tablet.when I open in computer it hasn't problem.
By the way we checked application version and this is last version on tablets.
Note : I added the xlsx form we used.

repeat_count.xlsx (10.8 KB)

There is no xls form attached here, please upload or provide a valid link to your form. So I could be of help to you.

Sorry I attached it :+1:

the format is not good

I just want to keep short excel . You should focus "begin repeat " part of the survey.

Hi @Berra_Ari
Your first repeatable group has repeat_count set to ${G1} which is an answer for How many people ? So if your answer was 10 you should end up with 10 groups if you answer was 20 then 20 groups etc. Isn't it what you experience?

The second one uses ${vacination_rpt} which is not defined in the form so it's difficult to tell.