Restrict Response using Constraint

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
i have a multiple type question in which statement are Positive and Negative one after one. i.e.
Statement 1 - Positive
Statement 1 - Negative
Statement 2 - Positive
Statement 2 - Negative
Statement 3 - Positive
Statement 3 - Negative

i want to restrict user to select one option, positive or nagitive but wihin the statment like user can select statement 1 positive and statement 2 Negative but user cannot select Negative and positive for statement 1

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
Try to add constraint but failed to apply
"if((selected(.,'1') and not(selected(.,'2')) or not(selected(.,'1')) and selected(.,'2')),TRUE(),
if((selected(.,'3') and not(selected(.,'4')) or not(selected(.,'3')) and selected(.,'4')),TRUE(),FALSE()))"

Could you provide an XLSX extract or screenshot of the question, incl. the related choices, please?
To define the rules: You might make a decision table, like

You might then formulate the invalid combinations and pack them in a not( ...) bracket to get the constraint. For ex: not( (Statement 1-Positiv and Statement 1-Negative) or (Statement 2-Positiv and Statement 2-Negative) or (Statement 3-Positiv and Statement 3-Negative) )