Returning only selected values from a multiple_choice question

I've got a list of animals, and I want people to rank them based on palatability (i.e., preferred taste, texture, smell). But first, I want respondents to select - from the available list - the meat they have consumed.

I thus want to design a form where palatability rank can only be collected for the animals that respondents selected to have consumed. I understand how to do this for a single_choice question using (${meat_type} = 'yes') in the response, but I am struggling with replicating this for multiple-choice questions, which is ideal for this survey. For clarity, I want the selection of the animals consumed to be completed before progressing to the next stage: integer field of ONLY the previously selected animals.

Here are screenshots of what I am hoping to achieve. A. List of animals with a multiple-selection option. B. List of only the selected options with integer fields for their ranks (not achieved yet).

Thanks for your support!

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What about using the rank widget?

Here is a working example: rank_selection.xlsx (10.0 KB)

If you want to ask question(s) for each selection you can follow the example in this post:

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@danbjoseph The looped example worked. Thank you! But there seem to be two weird problems with my data: a) one of the selected animals does not appear (i.e., selected animals-1); b) the palatability scores for the selected animals also do not appear. Here is my form, if helpful. Thanks.
palatability - Copy.xlsx (20.3 KB)

thank you!

Note that:

  • table-list appearance only works on a group (I don't think it works on a repeat like you have in your form)
  • minimal appearance only works on select_one or select_multiple (not on integer like you have in your form)

But otherwise your form seems to be working as expected. I was not able to replicate a problem with the form. Are you filling out the form on the web in Enketo, or in Collect, or both?

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