Returning values for select multiple choices in a repeat follow up questions instead of labels

Hello Team, in my attached xls file.
Value_label updated.xlsx (34.8 KB). When i make selections, in repeat follow up questions, the choices repeat using their values instead of labels. For instance, if i select local mango, in the follow up question, it displays lm, instead of local mango.
I would be grateful to have this sorted

See jr:choice-name() function, please:

Depending on your usage, you might need to put the value first in a calculate variable, before referencing it.

Thanks for the quick response. However, I have failed to make good of the resource link, being a new learner. I kindly request you to demonstrate its applicability.

@Francis_Sebbi have a look at @janna 's video about the jr:choice-name function. That should get you going.

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Maybe the following example can help you: Automatically looping (repeating) through different choice list_names? - #2 by danbjoseph.
(Found with the search function of this forum!)

Thanks so much, my problem has been solved. Ahblake, the video was so great

Thanks once again. I was able to insert, another calculate field that transformed values to labels. Find attached my work
Value_label updated.xlsx (35.7 KB)

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Hi @Francis_Sebbi,
If you pack all questions inside the repeat in an, you could even reference the extracted choice label in the begin_group label to get a visible "title" on top of these questions (and on each page in Collect).