Reversing the order on the picker

New to ODK but it's perfect for my needs.

Using ODK Build I've selected a picker so as to choose the answer in a 1 to 10 range. The respondant is asked a question with the answer being 1 = worst and 10 = best

The picker defaults to the minimum value.

Is there an easy workaround so that the picker defaults to the maximum value?

It's a minor issue but most of the time the maximum value is selected so there's some unnecessary spinning required.

I appreciate I could define 1 = good to get around this issue but intuitively a higher score of 10, to denote the best, is preferred.


Are you using a numeric picker? One thing you could do is specify a default value of 10. That way most of your data collectors will be able to move on without making any changes. If they do need to change the value they will start from the top.

Doh! Doh! Doh!

Of course I'm not, that would have have been far too simple.

With head hung in shame I'll now do what in hindsight I should have done so easily prior to posting my question.

Fantastic speed of response and thanks for being so polite.



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We're all here to help each other! I don't think the default trick was so intuitive and I'm really glad it has worked for you.

Happy data collection! :blush: