Risk when multiple users on 1 ONA-account?

Hello, I have a question related to using the same ONA-account by different interviewers using ODK-collect.
I want to do a survey with ODK Collect using an account on ONA.
I created a separate ONA-account for this survey. I share my survey on my personal ONA-account with this extra ONA-account and gave it submit-rights.
My question: Can I now let multiple smartphone-owners use the login and password to this extra ONA-account to gain access to the survey? Or is there any risk data being lost when multiple users log-in with their smartphone using the same ONA-account? Thank you for your help.

Hi @Nele, questions about Ona should go to https://help.ona.io!

Hello Nele,

When you create an account and give another account access, they have access to the account with the permission levels you give them. In this case, with can submit permission levels, they can view the data if logged in on the table view, map view, and summary charts; they can preview forms, download forms, and submit data; and they can download data.

So, yes, you can give the multiple smartphone owners access to survey with these login in credentials. However, we do normally recommend that all data collectors get their own account, but we leave this decision to you. This allows you to know who submitted what data and passwords do not have to be shared.

There is no risk of data lost unless you give someone admin permissions (in an organization account), and they deleted the data.

Also, you can leave Ona specific question in our in-app chat or on our google group forum


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