Rolling Https string to Download today


At the moment I can download todays submissions with URL string:


Is it possible to make this a rolling query so that I can download todays data without the requirement of adding a start and end date? Something similar to today()?


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Hi @ODK-MAC! What you're describing isn't possible in the user interface. However, the API is well-suited to dynamic downloads like this one. You could use the $filter query parameter for this. In the $filter query parameter, you can use the functions now, year, month, and day.

You may have to think about time zones when taking that approach, as two different time zones can disagree on the date of a particular moment in time. The user interface uses the local time zone set on your computer, while the API generally uses UTC.

Another strategy that's common is to only fetch submissions created after the most recent submission that you've previously downloaded. This would allow you to fetch submissions more often than once a day.

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Thanks Matthew.
I'll give that a try