Roster question

Hi all,

I have one question

Q1. How many children do you have
Q2. List the name of your children

Q3. Age of (name1, name2....etc)
Q4. Gender of (name1, name2 etc....)

I just make Q1 & Q2 to be asked once and Q3 and Q4 to be repeated. And i just want to refer the name of each child....i.e if I have two children -let's say Emma and Mark

Q3. Age of Emma
Q4. Gender of Emma

Q3. Age of Mark
Q4. Gender of Mark

But I cant make the second name come up......Can you help me?

Here I attached my excel
rosterTest.xlsx (15.1 KB)

Thank you

Hi @YO

can't it be just one group?
rosterTest.xlsx (7.6 KB)

Thank you for your response. Yeah, I don't want the name to be in the repeat group.

What I need is I just want the name of children to be listed first and the other question to be repeated for each member by having their name. Can it be possible?

thank you

But you want that list to be populated by an enumerator based on the number of children right?
If so you need to do that using a repeat group. What you tried in the form you attached is not flexible and would work for max 4 children.