Same form works on ODK Aggregate and not on Central

Hi, We have an application integrated with the ODK Aggregate server which is maintaining form definitions, publishing forms and downloading and further processing submissions programatically.

Now I try to integrate it with ODK Central in the same manner and found that the same form (XML definition) can be without any problem published to ODK Aggregate and downloaded and user on ODK Collect clients while it fails on ODK Central. Definition can be uploaded to the server but the preview fails and even the download to the ODK Collect fails with some general message.

a) Is there any way how to access more detailed information about the failure (some detailed logs)
b) could someone help me in determining what is the problem?

Thanks Jan

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<h:html xmlns="" xmlns:ev="" xmlns:h="" xmlns:jr="" xmlns:odk="" xmlns:orx="" xmlns:xsd="">
		<!-- ODK Aggregate upload time: 2020-11-26T20:16:48.341Z on -->
		<h:title>Denní stacionář</h:title>
				<data id="denni_stacionar" version="2020112606">
			<bind jr:preload="timestamp" jr:preloadParams="start" nodeset="/data/start" type="dateTime"/>
			<bind jr:preload="timestamp" jr:preloadParams="end" nodeset="/data/end" type="dateTime"/>
			<bind jr:preload="date" jr:preloadParams="today" nodeset="/data/today" type="date"/>
			<bind jr:preload="property" jr:preloadParams="username" nodeset="/data/username" type="string"/>
			<bind nodeset="/data/uzivatel" required="true()" type="select1"/>
			<bind nodeset="/data/poskytnute-sluzby" required="true()" type="select"/>
			<bind nodeset="/data/jina-sluzba" relevant="selected(/data/poskytnute-sluzby, 'JINE')" required="true()" type="string"/>
			<bind nodeset="/data/poznamka" required="false()" type="string"/>
			<bind calculate="concat('uuid:', uuid())" nodeset="/data/meta/instanceID" readonly="true()" type="string"/>
		<select1 appearance="quick" ref="/data/uzivatel">
			<hint>Vyberte uživatele</hint>
				<label>User 1</label>
				<label>User 2</label>
				<label>User 3</label>

		<select ref="/data/poskytnute-sluzby">
			<label>Poskytnuté služby</label>
				<label>Poskytnutí služby</label>
				<label>Dopolední svačina</label>
		<input ref="/data/jina-sluzba">
			<label>Popis jiné služby</label>
			<hint>Uveďte popis jiné služby</hint>
		<input ref="/data/poznamka">
			<label>Poznámka ke službě</label>
			<hint>Můžete zadat poznámku</hint>

Hi @vranoch

could you share more details: screenshots, app versions etc. I tried your form and didn't notice any problems.