Scrolls up when new data entered (GPS,Pic)

Hello Community :slight_smile:
I am using many questions displayed on few pages (Group - Field-List)
So my pages are Long and have Pictures and GPS inside.
Always if i capture a Picture or Geopoint, ODK Collect scrolls up.
I think it is a bug because i cannot imagine a case where this makes sense.

Is it possible to stay at the place in the form where i entered Pics or GPS?
It would save time and make it less annoying using my forms :smiley:

Thanks and Greetings!
Michael :slight_smile:



Please check your Collect version, if it's not the updated one, please update Collect. From my experience, I haven't experienced any issue with my Pics and GPS pages.

Secondly, I would say, it is better not to make a page too long. You can split groups into sub groups in a way: name a group for example, group_A and you can move some questions to group_A1, group_A2..... and you can use field-list with each group.


I've confirmed this behavior with the form field-list-forum-9842.xml (3.5 KB). I agree this is not ideal and since the requirements are very clear, I have filed an issue at I will report back here once it is addressed!


Yipiiee, thanks, hope ist getting fixed :slight_smile: