Seeking author for ODK chapter of Springer-published book on participatory mapping

I have been in communication with Charla Burnett who is leading a book project titled Evaluating Participatory Mapping Software, due to be published by Springer in spring 2023. It is intended both as a university textbook and a resource for groups who want to do participatory mapping -- creating maps with local communities. A lot of ODK projects have a participatory mapping component to them even if that term is not explicitly used.

The chapter on ODK has not been started yet. An ideal author would have deep familiarity with using ODK tools for generating map artifacts with communities and some familiarity with other tools in this broad space. The chapter is intended to address themes like accessibility of the tools, technical capacity needed, inclusiveness, data accuracy, openness.

If you are interested and have significant time to devote to writing over the next month, please send me a message.

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