Select_multiple answer to on equal previous repeat(select_one options)

Hi there are two components that I need help with:

I need to use a select_multiple which only allows selection of answers which have previously been chosen using a select_one within a repeat (there are more questions within the repeat hence the select_one).

I need a similar thing with select_one within repeats, while still not allowing duplicate selection of choices.

As a practical example:

Q1 What equipment did you use (select_one within a repeat):
1 net
2 hook
3 trap

Q2 What fish did you catch (select_one within repeat)
1 catfish
2 salmon
3 marlin

Q3 What gear was damaged (select_multiple) - only answers from Q1 should be choices (they can be visible but must be constrained)

Q4 What fish were damaged (select_one within repeat) - only answers in Q2 should be accepted and no repeat selection of the same species within the repeat.

I hope this makes sense, there are following questions within each repeat which is why it is structured like it is.

I have attached a example file.

Any help appreciated. Thankstest.xlsx (16.4 KB)