Select one and select multiple

Bjr Dear internet user. I want to put a constraint on "select one" and "select multiple". But I don't know how to put under xlsform. I tried this form "not (selected (.,‘ Moin_1an "))" for select one but it does not work (see example attached). Thank you in advance for providing your solution.EXEMPLE.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Maybe because in your choices you have moins_1an but in constraint you used not(selected(.,‘moin_1an’)) without s?


There is a fundamental design issue there. You want to use a relevancy, not a constraint. The constraint limits the possible answers but you don't want to limit the answers, you want to go to the end of the form. Therefore I would suggest the following:

  • Put no constraint on these questions as all answers are possible answers
  • Make both questions select_one. Select_multiple makes no sense for that question
  • Put the questions after these two questions inside a "group"
  • Put a relevancy on the group so that the other questions do not appear when they are not relevant. The relevancy should be as below.

not(selected(${resident_date},‘moin_1an’) or selected(${frequence_voyage},‘une_fois_mois’) or selected(${frequence_voyage},'une_fois_an’))

Ou alors si ça marche pas, tu peux partager une partie plus grande du formulaire et on peut le modifier pour vous.

Hello Mr Noel thank you for your answer. But I forgot to specify that the constraint would make it possible to notify the interviewer to stop the survey if for example the respondent lives in his place of residence if there is less than 1 year. We do not want to count the above duress as responses, but rather stop the investigation. But, your answer gives me an idea that I will consider. I come back to you. cordially

No problem. I would still advise to not use a constraint for this purpose however. If you use a relevancy to take the interviewer to the end of the form and a note to explain that the interview has finished because the respondent is not relevant to the survey, it would be much better. It is both easier for the interviewer and still allows you to collect the data you want. In order to count the total number of relevant interviews, a calculation can be added so there will be no problems of inaccuracy.