Select one/multiple, with images for choices & big-image & choice filtering - labels/images not shown (Enketo), images repeated (Collect)

Adding some more notes, mostly SVG & Collect specific.

In Collect/Enketo: (testing in Collect 2022.4.4)

  • If you use an SVG as image in a select or a note you cannot zoom the image like you can in image-map appearance questions (known issue)
  • If you use an SVG as an image in a select with big-image, on a Samsung device when opening the image in default 'Gallery' it doesn't render. In Enketo, it renders and zooms, same canvas aspect issues as rasters, much slower to load than a PNG though.
    • This viewer is selectable as a default Android app for SVGs and works well for SVG apart from having to change the transparency each time, however if you default to this app, then JPG and PNG will also default to it, and these are distorted to fit the screen regardless of image aspect. Any better app options, preferably not ad supported? A browser isn't a selectable option
    • Having to know which are SVGs and which aren't and remember to select the app to use once every time is not practical for the user. Additionally resetting the default isn't overly obvious (Settings, Apps, Select default app, Set as default, Clear defaults)
  • If you use an SVG as a default in an image with annotation, you cannot annotate in Collect, app crashes, but the SVG does display as the default image. In Enketo the default appears and can be annotated.
    • There was a crash last time the app was running! (actually this time)
    • cannot be cast to
  • Using an SVG for is dramatically slower than PNG in Collect. Scrolling past the PNG in a select or in notes was smooth, it stuttered heavily on the SVG (Galaxy Tab S8+, 685kb SVG, 366kb PNG, same PDF source). In Enketo it is slightly slower but not dramatically (Macbook Pro M1)
  • SVGs are rendered in a square canvas in Collect regardless of aspect, landscape images are letterboxed - both as select choices and note images. In Enketo they are not forced into a square canvas but match the image aspect in notes, can't confirm in selects as they don't render with a choice filter.

My current takeaway is, don't use SVGs, create high resolution PNGs instead as they're smaller (in this case, CAD layout drawings), faster and don't have viewing issues. If a note could display a zoomable SVG with no big-image needed and no square canvas this would be slightly better.

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