Select one options, show other group question after main selection

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
Hi Guys, my name is Alvin and I need help. I have a select one with 2 options (wife, husband). I want a group of questions(name, age, salary) to appear when "wife" is selected and after the user is done the other questions from the "husband" group should also appear without selecting it. If the "husband" is selected the group of questions( name, age, salary, status) should appear, and once the user is done the group of questions linked to the "wife" should appear without selecting it. Then I want to add both salaries and also find the average before the entire form ends.
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Am using ODK Collect v1.27.3

3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?
I used choice filter, please check the attached file
4. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?
I have attached the excel file. The choice filter works only on the first selection on top of the list. when I select a "husband" I still see the first group from the wife questions.
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see the attached file salary.xlsx (12.3 KB)

Hi @Alvins
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you need to use relevant column.
I would add four groups:
wife_questions - make it visible using relevant column if wife selected
husband_questions - make it visible using relevant column if husband selected
wife_other_questions - make it visible using relevant column if husband selected
husband_other_questions - make it visible using relevant column if wife selected

Hi Grzesiek2010

Thanks for your response but I was hoping on limiting the number of groups I create since the data have to submit into a database. Is it possible to use choice filter or loop?

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Thanks, I checked out your example on the other page and it works but unfortunately it doesn't it only shows one group when you select from the select_one.
My goal is to is to force the user to answer all question in both group. Whichever one he/she selects first, after answering that group the second questions in the other group should automatically appear.