Select one with cascading select, search appearance is not working with external choices

I have a form named Test.This form is having select_one_external type question with choice filter where search appearance is not working.

What version of ODK Collect are you using? Can you attach a sample form?

The search appearance is not implemented for select_one_external. @subhadarshani, have you confirmed that your data set is big enough to require using external choices? If not, I recommend using internal choices.

@yanokwa do you think the appearance should be implemented? Or should the recommendation then be to use the search() appearance/function which also gets the search appearance? In general, the different ways to access data external to the form could really benefit from some clean up.

HI @yanokwa

I have forked the odk collect 2 months back from github.In that code the The search appearance for select_one_external is not working.

I also have checked my forms using latest odk collect app(v1.12.2) from play store.It is also not working there.

hi @LN

I have done some modification to the code and it is working for me.If you want,i can give a pull request and you will have a look.

@LN It seems reasonable to allow search for external choices. @subhadarshani, can you read over the contribution guide for Collect and then send in a pull request?

Hi LN,

I'm encountering this issue, where I have about 50,000 items and have to use select_one_external. Is there a way for the user to search through the items or does the data collector have to scroll through all the item?