Selecting the primary source first-Multiple response

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I have the bellow question and please help on how i can deal with it.

What is the source of funding for the new or under-construction classrooms?[Multiple options allowed – please list the primary source first]

1= Ministry of Education (MoEST)
2= Local Development Fund (LDF)
3= Development Partners (DPs)
4= PSIP School Improvement Grant (PSIP SIG)
5= MESIP School Improvement Grant (MESIP SIG)
6= Religious NGO/ foundation
7= Non-religious NGO/ foundation
8= Fund raised by PTA
9= Fund raised by Mothers Group
10= Fund raised by SMC

Hi @Rod

Am I understanding well? Do you need something like a ranking?

Thanks Grzegorz,

Yes this should be ranking.

Ranging widget itself doesn't exist in ODK Collect it's something I'm going to implement in the nearest future:

I know that users try to do that for example in that way Error on ODK app which is not on Ona webform (but it might be buggy)


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Thank you for sharing the link. can you share the coding in excel please is possible

In the second link I provided you can find it Error on ODK app which is not on Ona webform